Shannon Weber went to pay her respects, but in the end, the devoted police wife said she was disrespected.

“I said I was a police wife. And she looked at me and said, ‘No I don’t think so,’” Weber recalled.

On Thursday, Weber attempted to park in the lot outside Bar Louie Chesterfield ahead of the funeral procession for fallen Officer Blake Snyder of the St. Louis County Police Department.

But she said she and other police wives, along with their guests and family, were turned away by the manager and forced to find another spot.

“Truly and honestly she told us she didn’t want us parking there because they were open for business that day,” Weber said.

So she decided to turn to Facebook to alert other police wives who might be on the way.

It was a post that, by the following day, had clearly struck a nerve with an already fragile community.

“Officer Snyder was killed defending your rights, your freedoms. I hope that she just didn’t understand the importunate and the severity of his life. That it did matter,” Weber said.

Now, the restaurant management is apologizing publicly, saying the manager was unaware of the funeral at the time.

Smokey Hughes, chief operating officer of the franchise, called it an innocent mistake.

“On behalf of the entire Bar Louie family, we are sincerely sorry for that initial misunderstanding in light of such a tragic situation,” he said by phone.

Hughes said he and other upper level management were unaware of Officer Snyder’s death. He said had they been informed, things would have turned out differently.

To make up for the situation, Bar Louie is having a fundraiser on November 9 in which 100 percent of the proceeds from its four St. Louis locations will be donated to Backstoppers in Officer Snyder’s memory.

Weber said there are no hard feelings about the mix-up and that’ll she continue to patronize the establishment

“I want everyone to go there on Nov. 9. I want their entire wait staff to be so exhausted at the end of the night that I have to take them home,” she joked.