A Sikeston-based custom barbecue smoker business and its owner have prompted a warning from the Better Business Bureau.

According to the BBB, Cadillac Cookers and its owner Joseph "Joey" L. Adams cut off communication with customers after receiving payment but before delivering on service.

Customers told the BBB that they paid for custom barbecue smokers that were either defective or never delivered.

"These cookers aren't things you'd buy at your normal hardware store or big box retailer. These things cost $10,000 plus," said Don O'Brien, an investigator for the St. Louis BBB. "Customers say they gave him money; he delivered no product."

Currently, Cadillac Cookers is closed, and Adams told the BBB it's only temporary while he deals with a tax issue with the state of Missouri. The Missouri Department of Revenue's Taxation Division says Adams owes more than $250,000 in back taxes to the state.

The BBB has given the business an "F" rating, the lowest on its ratings scale.

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