One person after the other visited the St. Louis County Police precinct in Affton to pay tribute to Officer Blake Snyder on Friday.

The South County officer was shot and killed at point blank range Thursday morning while he was responding to a call. Visitors placed flowers, cards, candles, and other items on and around a squad car in his memory.

“I brought a patch from my police department,” one Florissant officer visiting the memorial said. “It’s what we do in police work. We all stick together. Prayers for him and his family and the St. Louis County Police Department.”

“I’ve been crying,” said Shelly Fortel from Fortel’s Pizza Den. “I’ve been trying to hold back tears. It’s very emotional. I wanted to see it and I wanted to take a picture and I wanted to pay my respects in person.”

“I wanted to just stop and look at it because it’s so moving all of the stuff the people have taken the time out to bring,” visitor Ashley Luebbers said. “Seemed like a great officer and it’s just devastating.”

The community raised $6,500 for Officer Blake Snyder's family in less than 12 hours.