Hundreds of women who've received mammograms at a Metro East radiology center are now being told their images may have been inaccurate.

Belleville Imaging is located in Swansea, Illinois. The State of Illinois forced it to shut down after concerns about the quality of their mammograms.

Belleville Imaging was forced to send letters to more than 2,000 women who had mammograms done between May 2014 and August 2016.

In the letter, the company provided suggested actions for anyone whose last mammogram was performed at Belleville Imaging between May 13, 2014 and Aug. 31, 2016. The statement said patients should discuss a follow-up with a physician.

If a physician recommends a repeat mammogram, it can be done at any Illinois MQSA certified facility. You can find a full list of certified facilities here.

For women who cannot afford another mammogram, or whose insurance companies will not pay for them assistance is available through the National Cancer Institute. Patients needing monetary assistance can call the National Cancer Institute at (800) 422-6237.

Memorial Hospital, which is not affiliated with Belleville Imaging, stepped up and agreed to help the patients and store their medical records.

A doctor at Memorial Hospital said women should get checked out, but not to panic if they received the letter.

"Most of the mammograms are going to be normal and the ones that are abnormal, most of those turn out not to be cancer," said Dr. Jim Clanahan, with Memorial Hospital's Breast Health Center. "So, please go ahead and get evaluated. Everything is probably still OK and be proactive and make sure it gets taken care of."