A benefit BBQ raised around $2,300 for an injured police officer Saturday. The scent of grilled hot dogs and hamburgers lured people like Maurice Williams to the event.

"I just happened to be shopping at the supermarket up here at Aldi and I saw the BBQ pit," Williams said. "I found out it was a benefit for the policemen that had been shot."

Every dollar is for the 38-year-old officer. Police say he was off-duty when he heard a commotion outside his home and came outside to help. They say a fellow officer, who apparently didn't recognize him, saw he was armed and shot him.

"I donated a small amount and I hope he's doing better," Williams said. "I hope he's doing well and I hope he has a quick recovery."

For former police officer Bill Monroe, the shooting hits close to home.

"I've worked undercover," Monroe said. "I've worked what they call soft clothes and I've actually lived through a confrontation with my counterpart who knew not that I was a policeman."

Monroe organized the BBQ alongside Prince Carter, who brought his brand new grill.

"I've watched this officer probably over the last four or five years how he engages and interacts with the young people in the community," Carter said. "He is, in my opinion, a role model."

The benefit aims to show the officer the community supports him and other officers who put their lives on the line.

"When I found out it was him, I said we have to do something," Carter said. "He's a hero in my eyesight."

"We truly back the badge," Monroe said.