This can's for you -- if you're a beer drinker. Budwieser is rolling out newly rebranded bottles and cans for the summer, one specifically for the show-me state.

All of those spending Saturday at the brewery got a first look at those newly designed cans -- plus a surprise performance from a popular country music star.

"It'll be fun to play some broke down acoustics set, getting to play some of our songs," said country star Thomas Rhett, who surprised some of his biggest St. Louis fans at the Budweiser Brew House in Soulard Saturday.

In a one-on-one with Five On Your Side, Rhett talked about his partnership with the beer brand. He's helping to introduce the personalized bottles.

"This whole year, my tour was called home team tour, so it's really nice to be able to that with the cans being dedicated to certain states," Rhett told five on your side.

"We have 12 breweries that brew in local communities in 11 different states," explained St. Louis Budweiser General Manager, Jim Bicklein.

"So, we wanted to pay tribute to that state by putting the individual Budweiser packaging on the bottle."

Each one of the 11 states which house Budweiser breweries is getting its own unique beer bottle. If you look closely at the Missouri bottle, you can see the 'Show Me State' logo on its base.

"Many of our brew masters, employees, people who work very passionately to brew all of the Budweiser that we distribute around the country, they are also part of the community, so this a celebration of that," said Ricardo Marques, Vice President of marketing for Budweiser.

The release of these state-specific cans coincides with Rhett's home team tour.

"Even though I'm from Georgia, if I'm in St. Louis, I'm pulling for your baseball team... just kind of really diving into your culture," Rhett said.

The Missouri cans are available now through September 2017.