Flooding has buried much of the St. Louis Scott Gallagher Soccer Park in Fenton. From the sky, it's hard to tell there are soccer fields under all that water.

Many businesses are closing up shop as the rivers rise. And St. Clare Hospital is stocking up to make sure it can stay open.

"The last time we were flooded, we were 9 inches from the ceiling, but everything was destroyed in here," said Dennis Brannan, the owner of Brannan's Marine, along Gravois Ave in Old Town Fenton.

Brannan said he learned his lesson from the December 2015 floods. This time, he has removed most everything from his boat sales and service shop.

“Cabinets, equipment, toilets, vanities."

Brannan has also moved about 30 boats, a furnace, and an air conditioning unit.

Meanwhile, SSM St. Clare Hospital is bringing in extra oxygen, linens, and medical supplies. Staff will have the option of staying over.

Vice President of Hospital Operations, Kelly Pearce, said its primary concern is being able to get their patients and our staff in and out of the hospital through the various routes that are still open.

Back along Gravois Ave, Rockwood Summit High School led the charge in filling sandbags for those in need.

"This community does a lot for us, so this is just a small thing we can do to give back to it,” said Head Football Coach Eric Stewart.

Brannan’s said, if the forecast is as predicted, there’s not much it can do to protect its building.

"The levels are going to be so high that we're not going to be able to do anything other than coming and cleaning out and remodeling again."

This includes replacing dry wall, electrical outlets and replacing its floors.

“Everybody down here has had it with this,” said Brannan.

Fenton will be forced to cancel its first farmer’s market of the season, which was scheduled for this weekend at the Old Town Fenton Pavilion.