A Metro East school district is facing allegations of child abuse involving one of its employees.

Michelle Young of Cahokia says a teacher's aide violently struck her son after following him into a bathroom.

"He came home from school and he was holding his left side. I asked him what happened. He told me he got hit by the teacher's aide," Young told 5 On Your Side.

She said the inappropriate contact left behind a large abrasion on her son's hip along with bruising and swelling that's lasted nearly two weeks.

"He was hit hard enough that blood had come to the surface," Young said.

On August 25, Young said her eight-year-old, Christopher Sharp, ran into a bathroom at Penniman Elementary School. She says the teacher's aide for his son’s special behavioral class chased after him, turned off the lights in the bathroom and then hit her son.

"I was running into the bathroom. Then the teacher hit me and told me if I told anyone, he would hit me again," Sharp told 5 On Your Side.

Young added that the aide also tried to cover it up, according to her son.

"He told him that if he didn't tell me what happened, he'd get him something from Wal-Mart as a bribe," she said.
Young said her son has attention deficit disorder and can be a handful sometimes, but feels the aide crossed the line.

"He's all over the place, but still that doesn't give the teacher's aide the right to put their hands on a child for whatever reason," she said.

Right as she discovered the markings on her son's body, Young said she contacted the Illinois Department of Children and Family Services.

She said an agent came to take pictures and a report, and they recommended Sharp be seen at St. Louis Children's Hospital.

Young said he was treated and released for the abrasion on his left hip. Now, Young hopes the district will take action.

"If it comes out he hit my child, I hope he loses his job. Otherwise, I'll pull my kid out if they don't put him in a different classroom," she said.

5 On Your Side spoke with officials from District 187 Schools and Cahokia Police.

Police confirm they are investigating to see if anything criminal took place. Pending the outcome of their findings, the district has removed the aide from the classroom and placed them on administrative leave.