Three people taken to the hospital Thursday morning after a driver rammed her vehicle into a Great Clips hair salon.

It happened just before 11, on the 4200 block of Bayless, near I-55.  

St. Louis County police say an elderly woman was pulling into a parking spot in front of Great Clips, when she accidentally hit the gas pedal and drove her white Lincoln Town Car right into the business.

The owner of Merx Flooring, a business two doors down, heard the collision and witnessed the aftermath.  He says there was screaming and glass falling.

Two injured workers and the driver were transported to the hospital with non-life threatening injuries.

One employee's clothing was trapped under the vehicle.

"One gentleman ran in with a knife and cut the clothing to free the lady, and then by that time the fire department and police department got here and were able to secure the building and bring people out safely," said Charlie Merx, a witness of the crash.

This isn't the first car into a business in this shopping center.

Recently, an elderly driver accidentally drove into the Goodwill a few doors down.