Cardinals fans are pulling out all the stops. As has become tradition, year after year, fans are camping outside the stadium, waiting for firth pitch tickets first thing Sunday morning.

The first 275 fans to visit Busch Stadium's 8th Street ticket window get a pair of tickets for $11.20. Dozens of devoted fans are camping out in the name of those tickets and tradition.

"This is our time of year," said Mike Hester, who has been camping for the last 12 years, but he's been at opening day for the last 25 years.

"I've been a baseball fan for a lot of years and the cardinals have just always been my no. 1 team," he said.

Meanwhile Patrick Newman and Earl Foskett have been camped out since Wednesday. They lead the pack at the front of the line. They showed us around their temporary living and dining areas.

The pair is calling it "urban camping," since campers set up shop directly across the street from Busch Stadium.

Tyler McCann forward to seeing the same group each year.

"I just kind of go all out with the decorating. It's kind of what everybody down here knows me by," said McCann.

Many of the Cardinals Campers won't know for sure where they will be sitting or standing at Sunday's game, but most say, that doesn't matter.

"I don't care if I sit on the roof for $5 1/2 bucks, just as long as we're in the stadium," said Foskett.

Every now and then, fans say they even catch a glimpse of one of the Cardinals players.

As a matter of fact, we were sitting out here last night, down by the campfire, and a bus rolls out and Wainright rolls out for a brief moment and shakes out hands says thanks for stopping out," explained Foskett.

So, when it comes to the Cardinals and opening day, camping seems to be a no brainer.

"It's like air to lungs, it's just great, it belongs," said Newman.