It's happened again. For the fifth time in just the past week police say someone was carjacked in south St. Louis. This time they say a woman had her car taken at gun-point in front of her own home. Four of the five alleged carjackings were at gun point - all of them happening in residential neighborhoods.

The latest was Wednesday in the Lindenwood Park neighborhood in the 6700 block of Oleatha. Police say a woman was parking in front of her home around 9 Wednesday night when a man thought to be in his early twenties demanded her keys and took her car at gunpoint.

Two more happened on the 4th, another on the 3rd, and the fifth carjacking was last Friday. And while no one has been hurt, some are concerned about the age of the suspects and the kinds of crimes they’re said to be committing.

“What if she'd made the wrong move and the kid got antsy? That gun's going to fire,” says Ray Franklin who lives across the street from the latest victim. “I'm afraid someone is going to get shot.”
Police say the investigations continue and no suspects are in custody.