Today we sink our teeth into an American staple in honor of National Fried Chicken Day. St. Louis has some pretty great spots if you’re looking for some crispy, crunchy, goodness. So, we went to a few to find out their secret recipes.

We went to a restaurant that’s been around for decades and one that’s only been around for a few years.

First, lets see how it’s done at the famous Hodaks with Rick Kuehn.

"Secret is a secret! It's just fresh chicken. You’re tasting the chicken we don’t have to adulterate it with 11 spices and 27 herbs. It’s just fresh chicken and it always has been," Kuehn joked.

Hodaks has been breading and frying chicken since 1962.

"We're used to it. We've been doing it for 55 years. It's just like waking up in the morning," he laughed.

Their biggest seller?

"The old standard is the half chicken dinner. A breast, a wing, a leg and a thigh with two sides," said Kuehn.

Over in south city, Byrd and Barrel is frying their signature nugs.

"People are pretty shocked when they get them. They're a lot bigger than what most people know as chicken nuggets," said Bob Brazell.

Brazell owns the unique fried chicken joint on Jefferson.

"We use a very acidic buttermilk base brine so we kind of skip a step. It goes right from that brine into our flower mixture of a couple different types of flower and our house spice,” explains Brazell.
No matter how it’s made, most will agree. The end result is mouth watering.

"It’s crunchy, its salty, its chicken. What’s better?" explained Brazell.