The music world lost the father of rock and roll nearly three weeks ago. A a celebration of the life of chuck berry is planned for Sunday.

Charles Berry Junior says his family has been hearing from people all over the world about the impact his father had and the legacy he is leaving.

"What he gave to the world, was bigger than him, it was bigger than us," said Chuck Berry’s son, Charles Edward Anderson Berry Jr.

Regarded as one of the most influential rock and roll artists with hits like Johnny B. Goode and Roll Over Beethoven, Chuck Berry influenced countless other musicians and touched the lives of millions of fans.

"Dad was bigger than just someone in our family and want to share that moment with those that loved him besides just family and friends," said Charles Jr.

This Sunday, people have a chance to say goodbye to Berry at a public view and celebration of life at The Pageant in The Loop.

The public viewing of Berry will be from 8 a.m. to noon at The Pageant theater in the loop. A celebration of life service begins at 1 p.m. The first 300 people to line up at 11:30 a.m. outside the pageant will get a pass to attend that private service.

"Every song that he wrote is somebody's personal history book and they can remember ‘oh, gosh I was in high school at so and so a time’, or ‘I met my wife or husband at so and so a time when that song was being played,’" said the Owner of Blueberry Hill and long-time friend of Berry, Joe Edwards. Edwards says this is exactly what his friend, Chuck, would have wanted.

Charles Jr. says his father’s music was about fun, cards, and freedom.

"He didn’t talk about fighting, he didn’t talk about war, he talked about hey let's get together and just kick it," he said.

His father taught by example about how to be a good friend and a kind person.

“The love that he gave has come back ten-fold."

Charles Jr. told a story about a close friend from London, who was going to sell his guitar to be able to come to Berry’s funeral. Charles told him not to sell the guitar, but to instead keep playing his dad’s music – because that is the ultimate tribute.