The plan for a $55 million youth sports complex in Chesterfield crumbled Monday night.

POWERplex would have included 74-plus-acres of dual-sports domes, turfed fields, and education facilities for traveling youth and amateur sports teams from across the country. It would have been located along North Outer 40 Road in the Chesterfield Valley.

The project was declared void because the development group missed a June 1 deadline to secure funds from St. Louis County for water and sewer lines.

Chesterfield City Council killed the contract for the facility by a vote of 5 to 3. Council decided not to extend the developers financial deadlines on the contract.

"At the end of the day it's gone," said Bob Nation, Chesterfield City Mayor.

Gone is the plan for one of, if not the largest, sports complex in North America. The development group supporting the complex included former television personality Dan Buck and St. Louis Cardinals manager Mike Matheny.

“We were pretty much already on an extension and in the deliverables as the contract stated had not been provided,” said Nation.

Nation said the Group had not met the deadline to confirm financial support including from St. Louis County for water and sewer lines.

“Personally, I would've liked to of seen an extension offered for all these very complicated things to come together for the city of Chesterfield as well as surrounding regions,” Nation said.

Nation went on to say the facility would have generated about $400,000 in revenue for the city alone.

“I think it would've been a healthy use generator of revenue that would've benefited the entire region,” he said.

But a majority of city councilmembers disagreed Monday. A few campaigned against the project.

Nation contends, “they [council members who voted against the contract] don't thoroughly recognize the financial ramifications they don't understand the financial sources resources of revenue.”

We contacted members of city council who decided against the existing contract. Councilmember Barbara McGuinniss said, contrary to what Mayor Nation says, she does understand the finances behind the deal. She, however, said she disagreed with the premise of the contract that the developer should lease the land.

Instead McGuinniss argued the developer should buy the land outright.

Developer Dan Buck tells us he believes council’s decision is “short-sighted” and does not plan to renegotiate with the city.