"I hate winter, I want summer." 

Though winter did make a comeback with snow and temperatures in the 30s this weekend, it didn't stop St. Louis from showing up downtown for one of the biggest events of the year.

The 48th annual St. Patrick's Day Parade honored St. Louis' first responders, and participants arrived more than 3 hours before to get their floats in tip top shape for the march down Market Street.

5 On Your Side asked people how they were feeling about the huge temperature change in such a short amount of time.

"Cold? What cold," asked Steve Heaton. "I don’t know that anyone’s been bothered by it yet. We got up this morning and had to take the plastic off of it and of course it was covered in snow, and I think a lot of us were wearing it as we pulled the plastic off, but it really hasn’t deterred us at all.”

Most embraced the cold, and lots of layers. In Glora Peimann's case, five is what it took.

"Everyone always asks me what are you going to wear for the St. Patrick’s Day Parade. I was like, ‘I have an outfit for warm, cold, or whatever, because you never know what’s gonna happen around here.” 

It's been a wild week, but those who live here know, "it's St. Louis."

Jeanne Morrow said, "Last year, I got a sunburn. Sometimes we bring sunscreen, sometimes we bring boots."

Another parade goer told us, "It's normal. It's so normal. You know, tomorrow, it might be 90."

Thousands of spectators and more than 100 floats all had one thing in mind.

"Just having a good time with friends and family and being in the parade, enjoying downtown. It's a cool event to be a part of," said John Konersmann. 

Photos: 2017 St. Patrick's Day parade