This weekend’s below-freezing temperatures caused quite a mess at the Leu Civic Center in Mascoutah, Ill. 

A window was accidentally left open. The cold air caused the pipe to burst inside the locker room, which is near the civic center's gym.

The city had to shut off water to the building during the repair, so the civic center is closed until further notice. The repairs will be extensive. Workers had to pull up the rubber flooring and a moisture layer underneath the floor.

Then, they had to vacuum the water. Once the city repairs the plumbing, the center can re-open.

"The city does own the building, but the organization that runs it is a United Way agency that does after school programs. They help with school work. They have volleyball, basketball, all different types of programs for kids and familie," said Cody Hawkins, Mascoutah city manager.

It could take about a week for the clean-up to be completed.

There are about 25 children who rely on the civic center for after-school care, and those families have all been notified.