At a county fair, a community rallied around the family of a Laclede Gas worker who was shot and killed while working on a gas line in North St. Louis earlier this year. A steer shown at the St. Charles County Fair sold for thousands of dollars in honor of Alex Boschert.

Three months after his death, Boschert's friends still get choked up just talking about him, so you can imagine the emotions at the county fair after a group of 30 donated more than $28,000 to Boschert's wife and kids.

Ed Siesennop, President of the St. Charles County Fair board and also a friend of Boschert, was surprised by how much money they made.

"I knew we were going to raise quite a bit of money, but I didn’t think it was going to be that much,” said Siesennop.

Jim Wuelling, Vice President of the St. Charles County Fair Board, said it was a team and community effort to make the auction and donations possible.

"Even people that participated in our demo derby, our tractor pull, they gave their winnings back to Alex," Wuelling said.

People, who attended the fair, said there was not a dry eye in the house, as they watched the steer being auctioned off.

"That was very touching," said Siesennop.

"There was a lot of emotions that night," Behlman said.

Behlman knew Boschert the majority of his life. He said he was hardworking, kind and simply a great guy.

"[He] just dedicated his life to hard work and to his family and friends," Behlman said.

Boschert was an active participant in 4-H showings and a familiar face at the county fair.

"He was probably up here in his baby stroller," Siesennop said.

He's glad the money raised will help his friend's children.

"It will give the kids the opportunity down the road that they deserve and their father would have liked them to have," said Behlman.

Last week, the fair board also decided to make Boschert a life time member of the county fair board.

"Alex will never be forgotten at the St. Charles County Fair that's for sure," said Wuelling.

The St. Charles County Fair Board also helped raise money for the family of the other Laclede Gas worker killed, Bill Froelich. If you would like to donate to Alex and Bill’s family, you can click this link or email