Volunteers were out in full force Saturday in Valley Park, clearing the walls of sand bags that saved homes from the floodwater.

At the Highland Village subdivision, just off Vance Road, volunteers worked together to remove hundreds of these heavy sandbags.  Mary Patton is a Valley Park Middle School teacher. She worked side by side with fellow faculty and her family; an invaluable learning opportunity, she says, for her son.

"I think it's to teach them that it takes the whole community to help everyone not just focusing on your needs, but to think about others and help them in their time of need, because you never know when it's going to be you,” she explains.

The "you" this time was Rachel Tipton.  She’s lived in this subdivision for 28 years now. 

Nearly 30 inches of floodwater filled Tipton's basement in 2015. This time, she was determined to keep it out, and did, thanks to the sandbag wall constructed by volunteers. 

"I wouldn't have a high and dry house if they wouldn't have done the work they have done, so a lot of gratitude,” she says. 

On Wednesday, the floodwater rose right up against the sandbags.  Tipton adds, "Pictures and videos don't describe anything of what it feels like to stand here and have that raging beast on the other side knowing that if the wall breaches then we could be swept away. So it was a very tense, exhausting, long situation."

Now, even though the floodwaters have receded, the fears that the flood swept in have not gone away.

"I doubt anyone wants to buy my home,” Tipton says, “I wouldn't want to inflict this on anyone."