Alderman have refused to pass a resolution seeking Police Chief Sam Dotson's resignation, and the measure will go to committee instead.

Dotson has said he won't campaign during work hours, but the resolution claims the job of police chief can't be confined to 9 to 5.

It points to the city's public safety and police recruiting challenges, and calls on Dotson to resign as he runs for mayor.

Alderman Joe Roddy drafted the resolution.

"My hope was to just get this through today so that the kind of media circus dies down. I don't want to have this injected in politics. Now this will go on for another week, I guess. But I wanted to go ahead and just send a clear message that the board of aldermen thinks it's a bad idea for him to do this," he said.

Although Chief Dotson has announced his plans to run, he has yet to file the paperwork.

Dotson tells Five On Your Side -- he has no comment on the resolution at this time.

The resolution now goes to the public safety committee.