GLEN CARBON, IL - Court documents detail clear signs of trouble at the home on Dogwood Lane, long before it went up in flames. 

The paper trail begins in 2005. That April, Justin Campbell pleaded guilty to Domestic Battery. Court documents say he slapped Cristy Campbell, then known as Cristy Brueggeman, in the head.  She was 16 weeks pregnant at the time. 

The couple was married 8 months later.

In 2010, the couple filed for divorce, but changed their minds. Two years later, Cristy Campbell filed an order of protection, stating her husband "abuses me on a weekly basis". It was granted.  But 15 days later, she allowed him to return home.

Later that year Cristy Campbell again filed for divorce. In court documents, she stated it was because of "physical and mental cruelty, and Justin's drug use, and Justin's unwillingness to provide for his family." 

The divorce was finalized the following year, but the problems continued.

Campbell stated her ex-husband owed more than $12,000 in child support. In 2014, two of their sons reported their father had pinched, punched and choked them. The court ordered that Justin Campbell's visitation would be restricted and supervised.

That same year, Cristy Campbell was charged with child endangerment, after her 5 year-old daughter was found wandering the streets of Glen Carbon alone.  Campbell completed parenting classes, and the charges were dropped.

Recently, neighbor Sherry Rickert says the couple had reunited, living in the same home, with their seven children, including a newborn baby. "I know that they're together every time I see them at the house,” said Rickert.

She added that in the days leading up to Thursday’s tragedy, Cristy Campbell never seemed happier.
911 calls also detail a tumultuous relationship between Cristy and Justin Campbell. Since they moved into the house on Dogwood in 2010, the Madison County Sheriff says there have been roughly 50 911 calls made from their home.

5 On Your Side has requested these calls and police reports, and will bring them to you once we receive them.