When John Anderson and Amanda Helderle met nearly six years ago, one of their biggest differences was apparent from the start.

“Immediately. It was immediately. Sports is number one. We have to talk about sports off the bat. That’s a big deal,” Anderson said.

Both of them happened to be lifelong residents of the city, which explained his baseball team of choice.

“I’ll you what. My family members are diehard Cardinals fans,” Anderson explained.

But the story behind Amanda’s choice was a bit more complicated.

Anderson joked, “I was taken back. I didn’t know what to do. I was more afraid to meet her family to see where this came from.”

Helderle supported the biggest rival in Cardinals history, the Chicago Cubs.

“I started to see them lose all the time. And then I wanted the underdog to win. That’s how I became a fan,” she explained.

As history as demonstrated, it’s a been a pretty one-sided rivalry all these years.

“They’ve had enough wins. That’s what I feel like,” Helderle said.

But the tables have clearly changed this year as the Cubs go for their first World Series title in 108 years. The Cards didn’t even make the post season.

Helderle joked, “He doesn’t have that many jokes to make this year because they’re pretty much perfect.”

So while the couple’s south city home remains very much divided, Anderson is trying to be a good sport about it.

“I like that she feeds me. And I want to keep that going as well,” he laughed. “And I don’t poison him,” Helderle chimed in.

And this isn’t even the couple’s only sports rivalry.

When it comes to hockey, she supports the Blues and he supports the Red Wings.