A locksmith murdered and found in his burning van could be among George P. Bush's victims, the 19-year-old police say ambushed and shot a St. Louis police sergeant before officers later shot and killed him.

Investigators believe 52-year-old Joseph Hults may have crossed paths with Bush while helping another of his victims on a call for his job. Hults was a locksmith for nearly four decades.

He was found shot and burned Saturday in south St. Louis. His daughter says he was her best friend and not the kind of guy to have any enemies.

“No, no,” said Holly Hults, who says she talked to her father nearly every day. “he was a really good person.”
“I was completely devastated when my mom told me. It broke my heart.”

Hults says if Bush is in fact her father’s murderer, she cannot say she’s sorry he died in a shootout with police. But she says it’s hard to move forward knowing Bush will never stand trial.

“I’m just mad that my dad didn't get the justice he deserved,” she said.

Making the situation worse, the family says there is no money to cover the cost of a funeral. There is a Go Fund Me site set up that they're hoping will help with expenses.