Demonstrators marched through downtown St. Louis Saturday. There were two separate rallies that eventually converged as one.

Several dozen people gathered in solidarity with those injured in Charlottesville, Virginia. Several dozen others were raising awareness about the Stockley murder trial, the former St. Louis police officer charged with first degree murder. The judge in the case has yet to release a verdict.

The groups gathered in Kiener Plaza around 6 p.m. From there, the groups marched together down South Broadway, to Clark Street, in between Busch Stadium, and Ball Park Village. By 10 p.m., rally-goers re-emerged along Market street at 10th street.

State Representative Bruce Franks told 5 On Your Side, this was a way for both groups to have their voices heard.

“At the end of the day, people have to understand why we're out here,” Franks said. “They have to truly understand that we can't just sit back and have injustices keep happening and be silent about it.”

Franks went on to explain, "I heard somebody yell go home. And I turned to him and I said we are home.”

There was a visible scuffle that broke out between a Cardinals fan and one of the demonstrators. Police escorted the Cardinals fan off the property. There is no word on any arrests.