While you're shopping for those tax-free school supplies, how about picking up a package of diapers to help those in need? Visitors to KSDK's Facebook page were sharing our story about diapers being included in those tax-free purchases. The topic was so popular, visitors shared it more than 8,000 times.

The St. Louis Crisis Nursery is just one of many local agencies that provide diapers to families free and could use your donation. Laura Dean is an in-take specialist with the St. Louis Crisis Nursery on Gravois.

"When our parents come to us, we tell them you don’t have to bring formula, you don’t have to bring diapers or clothes, we will have those things here for them,” said Dean. “In the meantime, as we’re doing diapers with our kids here, we get knocks at the door, we get dozens of people that come to our door daily and say do you have any diapers, I’m out of a size 3, I’m out of a size 5, and so we give them enough to hold them over.”

Your diaper donations to the St. Louis Crisis Nursery, or any 5013c charity that supplies diapers to the needy, are tax deductible. You can drop off those diaper donations to the St. Louis Crisis Nursery at 1928 Gravois, 2400 N. Grand or 11710 Administration Dr # 18.

Newborns for Need of Eastern Missouri also provides diapers to families throughout the area. Donations of diapers of all sizes and wipes can be sent to or dropped off at 712 Wren Path Ct., St. Louis, MO, 63021-4794. You can also contact them by email at easternmo@newbornsinneed.org