A dog with a tragic past is getting a second chance.

Stray Rescue's Randy Grim says Treya was left to fend for herself after her owner was murdered five years ago. Grim says she was on a chain, living under the back deck of an abandoned house.

Neighbors fed her and gave her hay in the winter to keep warm, but they couldn't remove the chain wound tightly around her foot.

Treya ended up chewing her foot off to free herself.

“Her emotional wounds matched the intensity of her costly physical ones. The thought of chewing off a limb just to survive haunts all of us at Stray Rescue,” said Grim.

Treya also has heartworm and fleas.

Grim is also raising money to get her a prosthetic paw. You can learn more about Treya and make a donation at https://www.strayrescue.org/treya.