Dozens of dogs arrived in St. Louis Wednesday after being rescued from the streets of Texas. Now, the Humane Society of Missouri is looking for your help to care for them.

Wednesday morning, three truckloads of rescue dogs were brought to the humane society, and staffers said they should be ready for adoption next week.

For nearly 100 rescue dogs, a long, 12-hour journey to St. Louis finally ended Wednesday morning.

"It's been quite hectic," said Mike Perkins, the Humane Society Animal Cruelty Task Force Director.

Workers at the Humane Society of Missouri have had their hands full since the time the dogs arrived.

Dogs like Nichole, a 2-year-old Shepard mix, will also have to be spayed and micro-chipped.

"I was able to pick out a lot of the animals that I thought would be a quick adoption for us," Perkins said.

Nichole and the other dogs were picked up from a stray rescue shelter in northern Texas.

"The rescue had gotten totally overwhelmed with the people in the surrounding communities, animal controls actually dumping animals on her property," Perkins said.

The animals might have been abandoned, but with help from a grant, were saved and getting ready to be adopted

Anyone coming to look for a pet will have a wide range of options. The shelter has breeds ranging from three to 100 pounds.

"There's quite a number of these dogs that can go up for adoption, others need just a little bit of care," said Julie Brinker, a Humane society of Missouri Shelter veterinarian.

Staffers are confident these pets will quickly land a home.

"It's important to get these animals adopted so they contacted us because we can do that," Perkins said.

If you aren't ready to adopt one of these rescues but want to help, Staffers at the Humane society are looking for donations of towels, blankets and toys for the newly transported dogs.

For more information, you can the Humane Society's website or call them at 314-951-1542.