Holly Ash of St. Charles has more iPhone cases on her dining room table than she knows what to do with.

“These are all iPhone 5s and iPhone 6s. And I can’t use any of them. I own Galaxies,” she said.

Ash said in recent weeks, she’s received at least 53 cell phone cases through the mail. All of them are in different colors and each one is coming from a different place.

“Some are local. Some are other states. Some are places I’ve never heard of,” Ash said.

But the cases do have at least one thing in common.

They all come with an Amazon return label addressed to her family’s home.

“I don’t know why. I don’t know how these people are getting my address,” she said.

Ash said the unexpected deliveries began about three months ago when she went to her mailbox.

That’s when she found the first batch of iPhone cases.

She assumed someone bought the cases and was trying to return it. But she’s unclear how they got her address.

“The first thing I did was e-mail Amazon,” she said.

Ash claimed the online retailer was just as stumped as her. She said they told her to keep the cases and consider them a gift.

“We looked up the tracking numbers and authorization numbers. They don’t have a record for them,” she said.

All the while, the cases kept coming. Sometimes she gets as many as three a day.

“I actually text my fiancé every time just to say we got another case,” Ash said.

It’s gotten to the point now where she’s giving them away.

“The UPS guy was here the other day and I just told him to keep them,” she laughed.

And with the rest, Ash boxes them up and stores them away.

Just in case someone comes looking for them.

“It’s not lost in the mail. It’s at my house,” she joked.

NewsChannel 5 reached out to Amazon about Ash’s situation and provided all the necessary information. A spokeswoman said they’d be happy to look into it.