A local teacher is accused of duct taping a student to her chair and now the mother of the student wants answers.

Wednesday afternoon, Clorinda Bailey’s 12-year-old daughter Kaylin was accompanied home by the principal and an administrator from Central Middle School in the Riverview Gardens School District.

"Once they got here, that's when they told me that her third-hour teacher actually taped her down with some duct tape to her chair,” explained Bailey. “Because she was moving and she wasn't listening to him.”

Bailey said she has been asking herself, “Why would someone do this?”

“You could have called me,” Bailey suggested. “You could have sent her to the principal's office. You could have done something other than tape my child to the chair."

The Riverview Gardens School District told 5 On Your Side that the teacher is on administrative leave with pay.

A spokesperson with the district said it is taking this situation very seriously. As soon as it was reported, an internal investigation was launched at Central Middle School. It said this situation is contrary to the district’s values and its policy. And that it is sorry it happened in the first place.

Bailey said if there was any problem in the classroom, she would have wanted the teacher to come to her.

“You have my phone number, you have my email, you know where I stay, reach out, but he didn’t,” she said. Bailey said that the way this was handled is not acceptable.

“Should nobody go through nothing like that at all," she said. "Especially at school where you're supposed to get your education. That's not right."

Bailey tells 5 On Your Side that she is in the process of consulting a lawyer.