Investigators with the Department of Natural Resources confirmed Wednesday that Wolf Branch Middle School in Swansea sits on top of the abandoned Summit Mine which operated from 1894 to 1940.

Superintendent Scott Harres said the movement beneath the school continues, and they will be moving students from the school.

Earlier this week, the cafeteria and gym were closed down after large cracks began to form in the walls and floors. More areas of the school were recently closed down, so Harres said they're moving to their last resort plan.

Come Monday morning, all students and teachers will report to the elementary school building right next door. For the next two days, the school will be shut down so teachers can pack up their stuff.

According to DNR, the area impacted is about 3 acres. it's still unclear how long the students will be rehoused at the elementary school. Superintendent Harres said it will be a tight fit to accommodate everyone.