New details emerged about yet another elk attack at a local park that left a Fenton woman hospitalized.

It happened on Sept. 30 at Lone Elk Park, and the park rangers want people to know elk attacks can happen even if you're not too close to the animals.

Kim Morgan Fry's husband said she was near a restroom taking a cell phone video shortly before the elk charged.

Raw video: Fenton woman attacked by elk

In the video Fry provided to 5 On Your Side, you can hear the male elk let out a 'bugling' call, which experts say is common during mating season and a sign of dominance.The elk can also be seen urinating in front of Fry shortly before charging.

Fry hides behind a tree at the end of the video but was eventually gored in the back and tossed into the air by the elk.

She was taken to the hospital where she spent five days recovering from a 6-inch puncture wound and a broken vertebra.

Fry's husband said another woman was pinned against a tree by the elk that same day. Fry is now recovering at home.

On Oct. 8, another woman was gored by an elk at Lone Elk Park after allegedly trying to take a selfie near the animal. Witnesses say she suffered a cut on her arm but wasn't seriously injured. That attack was captured on film by a local nature photographer.

Park Rangers said mating season is an especially dangerous time to get close to the elk, as they can be aggressive. There are roughly 15 elk in the park.

More signage has been added to Lone Elk Park to warn off visitors from getting too close to the elk.