This is a special time for Anthony Ellerson, because this is St Louis Black restaurant week.

“Show what people bring to the table. Show a little awareness, togetherness,” says Ellerson.

A self-taught Chef Ellerson has owned the Kitchen Sink for five years.  He’s seen it grow from a small restaurant. The journey hasn’t been easy.

“Is it different? It is different. I could write a book on some of the stories some of the things I’ve experienced being in the field,” he said.

Ellerson says he stayed on track thanks to the wisdom and guidance of his father.

“The way I was raised, you don’t quit,” says Ellerson. 

An old cartoon from the 90s, Dragon Ball Z, also helped push him to succeed.

“They get beat the crap and then they comeback stronger from it. That’s how you build just like a monster. You get tore down then you build back up and comeback stronger,” Ellerson explained.

The perseverance is paying off.

“We used to be small now we have plenty of space,” he said. “Now I have 20 almost 30 employees.”

Ellerson wants to serve more than just his customers.  He wants to serve as a role model for other minorities.
“We all have the same gifts and talents. It’s just about that belief in yourself,” Ellerson said.

He also believes it is important to view himself as someone more than a black restaurant owner.  

“I consider myself an American restaurant owner.”

A real example of the American dream.

“And that’s a beautiful thing to see something you create grow into something else.”

The local restaurants taking part in the event include: the Kitchen Sink, Cathy’s Kitchen, JC Supper Club, Kounter Kulture, Seafood By Crushed Velvet, SweetArt Bakeshop and Café’, TKO Grill, 35 Soups Salads and Sandwich Bistro, and Poppa Bubble Candy Shoppe.

St Louis Black restaurant week runs through Sunday, March 12.