Two local school districts are reconsidering their partnerships with a faith-based pro-life group. The group has been educating students about sex. But now parents are upset and want changes.

ThriVe is the name of the Christian pro-life organization. Francis Howell has used Thrive for about 9 years to teach middle school students.

District spokesperson, Matt Deichmann, says they now plan to replace the program next school year, following parents' concerns over transparency. Deichmann says the district was waiting on details for updated curriculum material, "We felt that they were not presenting all the materials that we asked for in a timely manner, we feel that is important that parents have access to all the materials their children are exposed to."

ThriVe is a Christian pro-life organization. Its president Bridget Van Mean, says they have a secular education group called Best Choice.

Van Mean says Best Choice instructors teach about 22,000 students in local school districts annually about abstinence, sexually transmitted diseases and life goals.

She says the age-appropriate sessions do not include topics on abortion or religion. Van Mean says she was utterly stunned by Francis Howell's decision.

She also denies any claims that Best Choice did not provide details on their curriculum in a timely fashion.
On Friday, the Parkway School District decided to delay using Best Choice, until further review of the curriculum following parent complaints.

Van Mean believes ThriVe is getting attacked for political reasons because it's a faith based group that does not support abortion.