Two police officers are recovering from surgery, after being shot near downtown St. Louis. The two suspects are now in custody.

But, in the initial exchange of gunfire, a stray bullet struck Tamara Collier,24, in the neck, as she was doing her laundry. Her mother, who did not want be identified, said Collier is doing better, but the whole family is still trying to make sense of this tragedy.

The family is trying to find comfort during one of their toughest times.

Tamara's brother, Stacey Collier, who is only one year older than Tamara, says he and his sister share a special bond.

“She be like his brother and I be like his sister that was like our thing right there,” Collier said every time he visits her.

Investigators said two suspects opened fire on St. Louis police officers at N. 9th Street and Dickson Street on Friday. There were two officers injured in the exchange of gunfire. Collier- a mother of two- was washing her clothes at the time. Police said a stray bullet came through the back of the house, hitting her in the neck. Collier’s mother discovered it a horrifying way.

"I saw my granddaughter, she runs up to me full of blood. I got further into the kitchen. There's my daughter laying in a pool of blood."

Stacey said his sister is recovering in the hospital, and the family fears she may not be able to walk again. But, he was happy to see his sister was conscious when he visited her in the hospital.

"I felt a little relieved just to see her nod her head and everything responding to things we was telling her," he said.

But her mother said the future for her daughter is uncertain. She's just grateful Tamara is alive.

"We are praying that she pull through this," Tamara's mother said.

Collier's mother also said she wants justice for her daughter and that their neighborhood is plagued with these kinds of crimes. She said she hates to say it, but the gunfire is becoming the norm.