A Hazelwood West High School student will be remembered this week with a candle light vigil and balloon release at the high school on Tuesday night.

Seventeen-year-old Darion Trust died hours after a head-on collision put him in the hospital. Trust was a passenger in the car with a friend and his cousin. They were on Lewis and Clark Boulevard Sunday March 12 when, according to Trust’s family who have heard from witnesses at the scene, another car cross the middle line and struck them head-on.

Moline Acres police are investigating the crash. They have not returned our phone calls requesting further information.

Trust was a junior at Hazelwood West, and had recently expressed interest in pursuing a degree in engineering. His uncle Carlos Smith said he was curious about how things worked and would take things apart to see how they operated mechanically.

Smith said Trust was a stellar student; a member of the honor roll and a role model to other kids in the family. He also stayed with his Grandmother. Over the past year, health issues caused her to need a helping hand, and Darion was eager to lend one.

All of Trust’s dreams came to an end that Sunday afternoon. A dramatic video posted to Facebook shows the aftermath of the crash, and the efforts people went to pull the unconscious boys from the burning car.

Trust’s cousin was driving, and remains in critical condition. According to Smith, he has not improved much in the week since the crash. There has been no word on the third boy’s condition.

The same can be said of the driver and passenger of the other car involved in the crash.

Witnesses claim the couple had some sort of altercation while driving that may have led to the crash, according to Smith. Trust’s family is waiting for answers from Moline Acres as patiently as they can.

On Tuesday night at 6:00, Trust’s family are planning a candle light vigil and balloon release at Hazelwood West high school. They hope many of Trust’s friends can attend and will share their thoughts at that time.