ST. LOUIS COUNTY - Feces, filth and an unbearable stench. A local family says that's what they found in the room of their loved one at the St. Louis VA Medical Center at Jefferson Barracks.

They say they took the pictures in the room of their uncle, James Harris, who has been at the St. Louis VA Medical Center for about three and a half weeks. He is recovering from a stroke that paralyzed the left side of his body.

His niece and his sister went to visit Saturday and they say the condition of his room was horrible.

They say Harris served in the Army. His family says all the 53-year old could do was shake his head over the condition of his room. Lieutenant Governor Peter Kinder says he is looking into this.

On Wednesday the VA released the following statement:

VA's primary mission is to care for Veterans, providing the highest quality of care in a safe and comfortable environment. We strive to serve Veterans with compassion and respect. We are deeply troubled and sincerely apologize for the recent incident wherein a hospitalized Veteran and his family did not receive the first class standard of care we work very diligently to provide. These allegations are being taken very seriously and we are actively investigating the situation.

We have reached out to the Veteran and his family and extended our sincere apologies.

The employees of the St. Louis VA Medical Center, the majority of which are Veterans themselves, work hard to live every day by VA's Core values, of Integrity, Commitment, Advocacy, Respect and Excellence in our care and service to America's heroes.