Several businesses in Fenton are already underwater, while homeowners expect their properties will be next.

Tuesday afternoon, John Tosti was watching his vehicle service business, Tosti Transmission, sit in floodwaters.
After a flood in late 2015 destroyed his building in Olde Towne Fenton, he was quicker to move items ahead of this flood.

“All our stuff, compressors, tool – all gone, been put in storage,” Tosti said. “Soon as the water goes down, all we have to do is power spay, build my office again and hopefully back to work in a few days after water goes down.”

Amos Dinger and a group of friends spent Monday and Tuesday sandbagging. The delivered the bags to various homes, including one of their friends.

“We knew people still needed help so we just drove around see who else who needed bags,” Dinger said.

Fenton’s new mayor, Josh Voyles, is only five days on the job and already very busy. He knows most of the work to protect this community is still head.

“]We’ll] wait until the water comes up, then goes back down and we start the clean-up process,” he said.