The bottom bricks of a Eureka High School sign were impossible to see Thursday morning, but the water covering them quickly came down. The bricks were in clear sight by the afternoon. So were some patches of grass, which, on Wednesday, looked more like a lake.

For days, Eureka High School was inaccessible. Classes were canceled. However, Rockwood superintendent Dr. Eric Knost said there is less damage now than there was from the 2015 flood. This time, there is water in the main gymnasium and a couple other spots inside the school. Knost said restoring the gym floor could take a while.
In the meantime, a restoration team is cleaning up the property. Knost said the building and the parking lot should look better by Friday. If even more roads reopen, he said most of the schools within the district could go back in session on Friday as well.

Video: Restoration team prepares school for clean up

"When you see a community just have such devastation it would be a big victory to get us back in session and it's my goal to do that as soon as possible," Knost said.

Many students made good use of their time away from school. They helped fill and disperse up to 300,000 sandbags to try to prevent businesses in Old Town from flooding.

All Rockwood schools will be back in session on Monday.