She's in a fight for her life and not for the first time. But a St. Louis woman isn't asking for sympathy, just a little help.

After watching a Five on Your Side report that got results, she reached out to us and Five on Your Side’s Mike Rush answered the call.

Slow motion is about as fast as Patricia Harrison moves at the moment.

“One step at a time,” she said. “One day at a time.”

But you know the saying about slow and steady.

“I'm going to win this race,” she said.

Harrison has definitely gone the distance. She beat breast cancer in 2012.

“And then a year and a half later, they found the lung cancer, so I had my right lung removed,” she said.

She beat that, too.

And now, “They found cancer again in my chest,” she said. “The third time, it was the hardest.”

Though her treatment and recovery are in the forefront, her overgrown backyard is a stressor she doesn't need.

“I can't afford to pay nobody to do it and this thing has gotten out of control,” said Harrison. “I don't have the best of everything, but I like my house to look nice.”

Harrison saw Mike Rush’s Five on Your Side report that led to volunteers stepping up and cleaning up a yard in Affton, so she contacted Mike.

“I was shocked that you called me, I was like, 'Thank God',” she said.

And before long, the sweet cacophony of lawn equipment.

Five on Your Side’s Mike Rush found that same group of volunteers, who quickly descended on Harrison's yard.

They’re a young band of do-gooders led by Colleen Hannegan.

The high school senior gathered friends and members of her youth group from St. Clement of Rome Catholic Church.

“Once we met up here, we just got to work,” she said.

They spent several well spent hours on a Saturday, making a big difference.

The group even painted her window trim and railing.

“I love it, I love it, I love it,” said Harrison.

Hannegan said, “The reward of knowing that she got what she needed and we could help her out.”

Allowing Harrison to focus on getting well.

“It's not time for me to go yet,” she said.

Harrison recently completed chemo and radiation treatments. Her recovery is long, but she says doctors tell her her prognosis is good.