A Valley Park School severely damaged during last winter's floods reopened Tuesday in a new location.
"It was such a fast flood that we weren't even able to get anything out," school administrator Gerry Munger said. "We lost thousands and thousands of books."

The kids were on winter break when ten inches of rain flooded Apprende School.

"All the stuff was broken," 5-year-old Blase Jones said.

After using hotel board rooms as classrooms, they moved into a temporary building and stayed for around eight months.

Students and staff now have a permanent facility. It's not their own building, but it's home. With 14 students enrolled, they don't need a large space. Their new school is within the lower level of this church off of HWY 141.

"The city of Valley Park worked with us and got us in immediately and they also worked with us here to get us in to the new place and the whole community has just been great," Munger said.

On Tuesday, students saw their new school in person for the first time.

"There's a lot of toys and a lot of open places," Jones said.

They have everything they need.

"There is a lot here," eighth grader Cheyenne Turner said. "There are more than just books and other stuff. We have a family here and we all stick together no matter what."

She says she's proud to be part of a school that not only survives but also keeps going.

"We try to impress upon them that change happens," Munger said.

Apprende School plans to host a grand opening celebration later this month.