ARNOLD, Mo. (KSDK) - MODOT will not be closing northbound lanes of I-55 after all. However, all I-55 southbound lanes are closed at the Meramec River between St. Louis County and Jefferson County. 

A pool of water next to the highway at the Meramec Bottom Rd. exit made its way onto part of the onramp, the shoulder, and two southbound lanes by rush hour Wednesday.

Many residential roads in Arnold are flooded, too. On Wednesday, soldiers from the Missouri National Guard checked on neighborhoods to see if anyone needed help. They also made sure sandbag walls they previously set up were staying in place.

As they do their part to help, Lt. Col. Lance Shaffer is reminding everyone to protect themselves by staying away from flooded roads.

"We encourage all of the citizens to limit their travel to stay off the highways as little as possible traveling out there and just wait until the water begins to recede and then we can all come out and assist with the recovery efforts as best we can," Shaffer said.

Water has made its way inside several homes off of Starling Airport Rd. Neighbors Todd Doutre and Stacy Robinson spent the day pumping water out of their flooded basements.

"It's devastating," Doutre said. "Frustrating, devastating. No matter what we do, the water always wins."

Robinson says her basement flooded for the first time during the floods of December 2015. She had it redone and the work wrapped up just three weeks ago.

"I literally had a panic attack," Robinson said. "I mean I freaked out, I couldn't breathe."

The water is expected to reach its highest point overnight.