On a sunny St. Louis Sunday, people admired his digital work at the St. Louis Art Fair, but artist Beau Tudzarov was distracted by a very different scene: Hurricane Irma.

"The storm surge's got me freaked out right now," he said.

Freaked out because Tudzarov's family home is only half a block from the ocean.

"Hopefully the wind will calm and my giant trees behind my house will stay up," Tudzarov said.

Tudzarov drove out of Ft. Lauderdale last Wednesday with 10 relatives and 5 dogs.

"My wife's uncle is very sick we had to make sure he got out. He's waiting for a liver transplant," he said.

They stopped every hour until the artist dropped everyone off at a relative's home in Georgia.

"If I didn't have the show this weekend, sometimes I'm an idiot and I might want to stay and try to hold the roof on which is not the smart thing to do," he said.

Then he drove all night to make it to the St. Louis Art Fair.

"I'm so happy to be here. [The] perfect weather is a dream. I'm just hoping when I get back everything's fine," Tudzarov said.

The artist plans to drive all Sunday night back to Georgia.

There the family will decide when to return to Ft Lauderdale and find what the storm left behind.