People in west county were alarmed when they found flyers threatening that their vehicles would be ticketed and towed.

The flyers claim that St. Louis County police are enforcing zoning laws in the Gravois Bluffs shopping center after last week's flooding.

"Saturday morning the St. Louis County police will begin ticketing and towing all vehicles not removed from the property for trespassing," the flyer warns. "There is a tremendous liability with people not only storing vehicles on the Gravois Bluffs Campus, but in many cases living on the property."

The flyer is signed "Michael Grewe" with the company G.J. Grewe, Inc.

The St. Louis County Police Department says the flyer is false and represents an unauthorized use of the department's name and intentions. It says owners of private property reserve the right to remove vehicles from their property, but St. Louis County PD will not be the ones to do so.

"The owner of private property has the right to remove those vehicles. That being said, the St. Louis County Police Department is not going to be the entity to do that," said Officer Benjamin Granda.

G.J. Grewe, Inc. is the owner of the Gravois Bluffs shopping center.