At Sherwood’s Forest and Nursery in West St. Louis County, it’s time for the plants and potted trees to go inside the greenhouse.

“If you've got house plants that you might have put inside, gardenias and things, get those inside,” said David Sherwood, the owner.

Within the next 24 hours, the St. Louis area will go from spring to winter. That can mean confusion for trees and plants that bloomed early.

“For the most part, unless you're producing fruit, the loss of flower is not going to hurt the plant. It's just going to push that flower off and you'll leaves will come in a couple weeks,” Sherwood said.

Experts said not to cover plants in plastic. Instead, use a breathable material like a bed sheet or a cloth.

There are also products, like Wilt Proof, that you can spray on the plants before the frost comes. Also, Sherwood said, don’t worry about covering the ground above the bulbs that haven’t bloomed.

The snow will insulate the ground. Your perennials and bulbs and things. It'll be excellent if we get two to three inches of snow,” he said. “Don't overreact. Let nature do its thing. You'll find most of the stuff is going to recover.”