Relatives of three young boys killed in a crash on a ramp to the Stan Musial Bridge gathered in a north St. Louis park Saturday. They came together at O'Fallon Park to remember three-year-old Eric Williams, 10-year-old Lamont Davis, and 11-year-old Danzel Cosey. They sang songs, prayed, and released balloons.

5 On Your Side is learning more about the people who tried to save those boys. 20-year-old Colton Hall and 23-year-old Nicholas Aburto were on their way home to Collinsville, when they saw the crash and stopped to help.

"I was coming onto the highway right here in the slow lane," Hall said.

"I see a car that starts drifting," Aburto said. "It starts fishtailing hard and I notice it's an SUV and you can't fish an SUV."

Four kids and a 23-year-old driver were inside the SUV.

"I'm like, watch out, watch out, they're flipping, they're flipping," Aburto said.

"Once we saw the car had stopped, and we heard screaming, I pulled my truck to the side of the road," Hall said.

That's when their drive home became a rescue mission.

"Dad was screaming, 'My leg! My leg!' Car was on top of him," Hall said.

More strangers stopped to help. Together, they rocked the car away from the driver's leg.

"He was right by my feet," Hall said. "I was literally pushing the car off and he was right here."

Only to find more victims.

"One kid crawled out from underneath the window by, like, the dad's leg," Hall said.

"There was only one kid that was strapped in a seatbelt and he was in the front seat," Aburto said. "It took two of us ... to get the kid out."

They later learned three of the kids didn't survive.

"I kind of almost cried," Aburto said. "I went home hoping they were going to make it."

Aburto and Hall won't look at the bridge the same way again. They know family members won't either.

"I hope they have hope," Aburto said. "You've got to have hope in a situation like that."