A 79-year-old grandmother who narrowly survived a Molotov cocktail says the random, violent attack has ruined her life, and police are no closer to finding the teens responsible for the attack.

It happened in late-August on Riverview and Orchid. Police say three young men pulled up next to her and shouted at her.

"This car came out, and he stuck his head out of the window and said 'Hey OG, don't get too hot'. It was instant, a flame just came up," said the woman who asked that her name not be used in the report.

One man threw the explosive into the car, through an open window.

The woman was able to get out with help from bystanders.

The grandmother says this whole situation has put her job in jeopardy, too; as a home health care worker, she is required to have an insured and registered vehicle.

With no closure from police, the 79-year-old says her insurance won't pay for another car.

That leaves her with no justice, no way to get to work, and a constant fear the men who almost killed her are still out there.

"I just wish they would go on and settle this," said the woman.

Police haven't responded to a request for an update on this case. The grandmother does have a GoFundMe page set up to help get her back on her feet.