The results are in, and America is entering a new era. As Republicans prepare to re-take the White House, they're also celebrating a sweep of Missouri's major elections. From the Governor's mansion to the Attorney General's office, the GOP will soon be in control.

Many of the Republicans heading to Jefferson City are new office holders. So, how will that impact everyday life in the Show Me State?

“I would suspect that we’ll see things like right to work, worker freedom kind of reforms, paycheck protection, I would hope more robust educational choice programs so our students can have more access to better programs,” says Brenda Talent, CEO of the fiscally conservative Show-Me Institute.

Video: Republicans sweep MO statewide elections

Talent says now, Missouri is likely to become a more business-friendly climate. Out of all states, Missouri ranks 48th in GDP growth as of 2016

Other issues at stake include tax cuts for individuals, gun control, fossil fuel and budget cuts for social services.

A key issue is Right to Work, which deeply reduces the power of labor unions. Its passage would impact about a quarter million Missourians who are currently union members.

Talent says Right to Work would entice more businesses to invest in Missouri. But in the 26 states where Right to Work already exists, St. Louis Labor Council President Pat White says it makes workplaces more dangerous and reduces salaries and other benefits. He’s disappointed so many union members voted for Right to Work candidates.

White says, “They’re mad about their paychecks, they’re mad about their jobs going overseas, they’re mad about their healthcare premiums. In our opinion, Right to Work’s going to make those things worse. We’re hoping that we can work with the new administration, statewide, to come up with some sort of compromise.”

Missourians could start to see exactly which reforms lawmakers will propose within the next few weeks when they pre-file bills for the next legislative session.