ST. LOUIS - After more than a year of construction, the St. Louis Zoo is ready to open Centene Grizzly Ridge. The $11 Million exhibit will open to the public Friday at 9 a.m.

Zoo members had the chance to get a sneak peek on Thursday, and the two newest bears, Huck and Finley, didn't disappoint the crowd. The sibling grizzly bears were seen running, playing, eating and swimming.

Grizzly Ridge is twice the size of the old bear grottos, with nearly 7,000 square feet of outside habitat. Huck and Finley were orphan bears that came from Montana.

Photos: Huck and Finley at the St. Louis Zoo

The zoo staff anticipates Grizzly Ridge to be another big hit with visitors just like Sea Lion Sound and Polar Bear Point.

"If we can make a connection between our visitors and bears, we hope they will care as much about the animals as we do," said Steve Bircher, curator of mammals and carnivores for the zoo.

WATCH: Huck and Finley play and explore their habitat