A rally will be held by Metropolitan Congregations United for anyone interested in convincing schools to work with law enforcement to limit students being charged with felonies unnecessarily.

It all stems from a new law that creates assault in the third degree, which makes injuring someone in a fight a felony.

Some are concerned that fights at schools that result in injuries will turn into felony charges for students. They believe this will open the door for more students, especially students of color, to enter the school to prison pipeline.

Depending on who you ask, the school to prison pipeline is a phenomenon or a metaphor.

Either way, the MCU wants students to avoid it by having school superintendents meet with law enforcement and create or revise memorandums of understanding that clearly spell out the code of conduct for school administrators and police officers.

Schools are already required to report assaults to law enforcement.

Legal experts say, the concerns put forth are overblown.

According to the president of the Missouri Bar Dana Tippin Culter, prosecutors won’t spend their time filing felony charges over minor fist fights.

Prosecutors have the final say in if charges are filed in any case.

The MCU plans to hold their rally at Ward Chapel AME Church in Florissant, Monday night.