You may remember the local man who said the Metropolitan St. Louis Sewer District was endangering kids in his neighborhood.

5 On Your Side contacted MSD about the problem. Now?

“I'm exhilarated because they completed the work and is satisfied and everyone's happy,” said Nathan Russum, a resident and neighborhood association president for Mission Park neighborhood.

The storm pipe is now shored up with rocks. The 4-foot deep hole is filled in, replaced with grass seed

“I'm very glad, very pleased that once we were able to nail it down, we get in here get it fixed and get it fixed right and that's what we try to do day in and day out,” said Lance LeComb, MSD spokesperson.

LeComb was on hand to explain the reason for the delay and miscommunication that frustrated Russum.

“At 1.3 million customers, 444,000 accounts, we get a lot of calls and particularly following up on the April rains which impacted the whole area. Sometimes things get miscommunicated, get a little confusing we have some address issues in this area,” he said.

“I thank 5 On Your Side to come in and investigate. It prompted them to do the right thing. We’re all working in a cohesive unit and we just want everyone to be happy,” Russum said.

Most of all, the safety hazards to kids that once worried Russum have disappeared.

“I feel relieved and I'm sure the parents feel relieved that they can come out safely across the ditch and come out and play in the common ground area,” Russum.

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