HAZELWOOD, Mo. - A Hazelwood police officer has been slapped with a restraining order. He's accused of sexual harassment. The alleged victim says it happened at her job at an area gas station.

A St. Louis County judge signed off on the order of protection last week against Officer Dan Milner. An attorney for his alleged victim says he harassed and stalked her for months.

"In this case, we had kind of a mixture of a little bit of everything," said Rachna Goel. "We had some verbal comments. We had some actual touching. We had some of him following her around and general stalking."

And the offender, attorney Goel says, was Hazelwood police officer Dan Milner. Just last year, he received a heroism award last year for saving a man from a fire. Goel runs the Jane Doe Advocacy Center, and represented the victim in court.

"These two people had no prior relationship," said Goel. "She worked at a gas station. He frequented the gas station. And that was how they knew each other."

And over a four to six month period, the officer allegedly harassed her while they both were on the clock. The victim filed for an order of protection in May, and the judge signed it this month.

"I think it puts a really big dent in society when the people who are in charge of protecting the community are the ones who end up going through and actually creating the trouble and creating the abuse," said Goel.

Hazelwood Police chief Gregg Hall says city policy prohibits him from discussing this, or any, personnel matter. But he says he's aware of the circumstances.